Figment Arts have produced animations for live projection as part of theatre and music performances.  We've worked with festival Storm Of Stories, in Suffolk, touring opera companies, touring musicians and theatre companies to co-create these animations.  

We are artists and work closely with the creative teams so that the work is properly integrated into the show.

Below are a few video clips of work we've produced.

Six Swans - Storm Of Stories Festival

Co-created with primary school children, the animations were projected as part of this community theatre project.

Nightingale - Storm Of Stories Festival

Again working with Storm Of Stories to create animated, immersive backdrop that was video-mapped on to the scenery and set design.

Through The Seasons - Will Pound

Working with musician Will Pound and the creative team of musicians and storytellers, we created animations which helped to tell the story of folk dance through the seasonal calendar.  The show has toured the UK in music venues and folk festivals.