I have some learning difficulties, but I do art to relax my soul and improve my artwork. I do mostly animals, portraits, fan art, anime/manga.

I have been illustrating for most of my life it helps me calm my mind and then I get inspired. 

I do hope to meet new people and improve my own art style. I usually use a pen and pencil for my sketching and I use a mouse and Mircosoft Paint for my computer artwork. I would like  the opportunity to use a computer pen and learn pro-create and photoshop

I would like to see my drawings turned to printed pictures, and be used in comics and made into posters.

I would like to see how far I can go and see what other people think of my artwork and what I can do to improve it.

I have been one of the artists in three Worthing art trails and four Shoreham art trails.

In festival periods and around certain celebrations, in the charity shop S.O.L.D where I work. I have drawn live portraits of people and made the portraits into Christmas cards and everyday cards I sell in the shop. I really like doing this meeting people and drawing them.