Children and Young People

Figment Arts has worked with hundreds of children and young people in all kinds of settings on creative projects.  We've run filmmaking, animation, visual arts, photography and multi-media workshops, clubs and public art projects.  On this page is a small selection of this work.

a young boy as surrounded by brightly coloured streaks of light
a workshop facilitator helps a young boy to use a video camera
a child is filming a scene with another child in costume acting
a group of children are pointing at a smiley face
three small children are searching images of space on a computer
a camera in the foreground with a group of children posing
a young girl is surrounded by streaks of bright light
a group of children are making a film
a film set of a spaceship with two children acting in the scene
a boy is pointing at a computer screen
a girl is drawing and writing on a large sheet of paper

Still one of the wildest things we ever did - close off a steep road, gather around 100 children, and release 15,000 bouncy balls!